Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Josh Groban ft Herbie Hancock: Machine

Nothing can compare to a live concert where the music with all its power and meaningfulness covers you all over and lets experience just what is meant to by this or that music piece. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to attend your preferred concert or a band’s gig, which leaves you listening to the music you like in earphones in YouTube or your ready-made playlist.

If no other opportunity is left I still am picky and prefer listening to professional recordings of ‘live’ performances rather than studio recordings. Here’s one lovely performance I came across and I love the energy transmitted through it. I’ve no idea how come I haven’t been listening to Josh Groban before but now I can clearly see that I love his music style. Eclectic things like cross-genre music have always  been attracting me and that’s definitely one of the reasons I like what Joshua is doing. He mostly sings in operatic pop and I love the combination a lot. This particular song – “Machine” – is featuring the legendary Herbie Hancock and was performed live in New York.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Missing Adele: Make You Feel My Love

I miss Adele. I really do. It’s not that you can hear that much of a quality kind of music, powerful, original, heart-stirring. Unlike some musicians that first of all focus on the commercial potential of their music, she has always been so much into what she’s making rather than into what it might bring her. According to Adele herself, she’d rather compose less but it would be something worthy. She does know how to set priorities in life. Thus, as soon as Adele becomes a young mom, she shifts her energy to the little baby, setting aside music work. I do hope that everything is fine in their family and that some time very soon Adele will make her fans happy again with new music inspired by the new herself!

Adele and her baby boy
Meanwhile, we can re-listen what we have and enjoy the never-tiring music hit by this UK star. So the other day I was running through my favorite compositions and this one caused some special warm feelings for me. It’s sort of hard to believe that “Make You Feel My Love” is not an original composition by Adele, it is a bit different story. Originally a single by Bob Dylan, the song has been covered numerous times, including the 1st commercial release by Billy Joel. But look how the song changes when rendered by Adele. It’s no wonder that “Make You Feel My Love” in her interpretation became the most popular version. UK’s number One in the Hall of Fame already says something.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ludovico Einaudi: I Giorni

I’ve written about this talented Italian composer before and I’ll gladly do it again. This time, a bit his album “I Giorni” and the story behind it.

Yeah, that’s a hippo over there. What would it have to do with Einaudi? Here’s what. Once upon a time Ludovico travelled to Mali, it’s during that trip that he heard a kora player called Toumani Diabaté perform a beautiful traditional folk melody. The song tells a story about a hippo that was cherished a lot by the people and got killed by a hunter. It conveys the deep lament of the whole people for the loss of the animal they loved. On returning from the trip Einaudi got inspired for writing an entire set of 14 pieces that compiled his album “I Giorni” (‘the days’).

The main track of the album “I Giorni” is its most popular piano solo. Like other works by the composer it was featured a few times on TV (BBC programs) and in commercials (India, telecom). The tune is very good indeed, but it’s even better when listening to it you can imagine the origins of its inspirational background.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lily Allen: Somewhere Only We Know

I love it when ads are not just a screaming commercial attempt to get money out of the customer but when they are turned into little art creations that attract your natural interest instead of pushing and forcing you. That’s a really hard job to combine art and advertising and it makes the experience of watching a good ad very rare and enjoyable.

John Lewis ad specialists seem to know their job. Watching their Christmas advert you are forgetting that it’s actually an ad, not a full animated movie. I like everything about it, the holiday atmosphere, the graphics, the kindness. But most of all – the music. I think one couldn’t choose a more perfect song and singer for it – Lily Allen’s cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” suits here in all regards, that’s the song that creates the special ambiance and the magic of the Christmas time. To me, it’s one of those cases when a cover is somewhat more successful and attractive than the original of the song. And despite the loads of criticism addresses to Lily’s music recently, I still consider her a very bright performer and this single is a proof.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Game of Thrones Theme by Ramin Djawadi

We all know that every music genre has a special fan circle, people who stick to what they like and follow the recent music novelties and offers. Even though you may like a couple of genres it’s not that you would often get attracted by very contrasting genres. And of course, it’s quite rare that a music piece would leave the borders of its genre and travel throughout others.

I’ll explain better what I mean on the example of music from the popular HBO channel TV series “Game of Thrones”. Its theme was composed by Grammy-nominated Mr. Djawadi who’s also a protégé of the no less known Hans Zimmer. Ramin Djawadi wrote music to the entire series and it’s not at all his first tangibly significant music work (Djawadi wrote music for Prison Break, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others).

The theme keeps you in a certain kind of tension, just like the unpredictable and intriguing series’ plot. The work got so popular that at some point it became a cross-genre kind of thing. The consequence – numerous covers from various genres artists ( Lindsey Stirling , Roger Lima, Jason Yang, and so on and so forth). I like Game of Thrones though I’m not its ardent fan. What I like even more is the extensive quality music work behind this TV production.